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Famous quotes

People are always looking for interesting and unique snippets of sayings and verse that they can add to their scrapbook content. Poems, pieces of songs, stories, and quotes are good places of reference for these inserts. Famous quotes are easy to find because well, they’re famous! Have you ever considered writing down all of those old adages and sayings that your mother and father always said over and over to you? Cataloguing famous quotes is a fun way to do this and it preserves that memory of the people who said them often to you for the future.

If you have the time, it might be interesting to actually sit down and try to research where each quote originated. It will give you insight in how the famous quotes were coined and will offer you an amusing story to share with family and friends.

If you don’t have any predefined quotes that you would like to use, the library is a great place to go and find sayings and famous quotes. Everyday sayings coined by popular writers, politicians, singers, and even television stars are good ideas. For any sports fans, sports related quotes are nice choices. Whatever fits the environment or mood of your scrapbook.

After you have chosen and compiled your famous quote collection, you can choose to either interject them into various parts of your scrapbook or you can even dedicate a small portion of it to the quotes and maybe some pictures that relate to them either seriously or humorously.

If you choose to display them in different portions of your scrapbook, you might want to interlace the theme of the layouts that you place them into along with the famous quotes rather then trying to keep a set or defined style. There are many ways to incorporate the famous quotes with fun pictures taken during everyday life activities of loved ones without creating an actual theme based on or around the quotes themselves.

Famous quotes can be great inclusions in any themed scrapbook. Wedding scrapbooks offering traditional quotes or advice are nice keepsakes. Famous quotes can be used to portray a particular time period or fashionable lingo at the time of a baby’s birth. You can usually find popular quotes that fit into almost any genre or subject matter.

If you have the space and choose to dedicate a page or small portion of your scrapbook to famous quotes then you will want to begin the process (after the quotes are compiled, of course) by sorting through each of the quotes and assembling them in an order in which will be witty and interesting.

Once you have a general idea of the order that you would like the laid out in, it’s time to consider what type of layout to create to place them in. The theme or subject your quotes and scrapbook are based on will influence the best layout ideas. When I think about famous quotes I tend to envision something proper or formal in appearance so it’s a great time to pull out the linen or parchment paper and practice your calligraphy skills. As I often mention, if you happen to be a little unsure of your penmanship skills and would prefer to type your quotes out using a word processing program-you can always hunt around the internet for some calligraphy-style fonts for use with this project. Keep in mind that typing out your poems will give you less control over the actual positioning unless you are fairly familiar with your word processing tool. If you’re weighing back and forth between writing them by hand or typing them out, you can always sit down with a spare piece of paper and practice just to see what type of results you get by writing them yourself. When attempting to write neatly and formally, the pen type and paper choice are just as important as the writer’s actual writing abilities. Remember, it couldn’t hurt anything to give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised with your abilities. Good luck!

Famous quotes

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