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Painted Rocks by George Witham
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sandwich rock painting

George, primarily uses rocks from the shore, as they have been smoothed by
the surf and are, therefore, ideal for painting. He does not attach
anything to the rock, or chisel pieces of it away; he prefers to work with
the shape provided by nature. The natural imperfections, such as chips,
streaks or holes, often work to his advantage; a rock with one edge broken
off became the half-eaten side of an apple.

Usually, George must study a rock for quite some time before deciding on a
subject. Then he draws an outline on the rock in pencil to get a feel for
the proportion. He uses acrylic to paint the actual image, then adds a
protective coat of clear acrylic varnish. Witham has found that a layer of
glossy varnish, followed by a layer of dull varnish, gives the rock a soft
look ideal for animal fur or feathers. Glossy varnish can produce the look
of metal (the crushed soda can), or an animal's eyes and cold, wet nose.

Rocks For All Ages Gallery
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gumby rock
Gumby - $ $60
race car rock painting
Race Car - $110

Razor -$160
lion rock
Painted rock Lion - $200
Harley motor cycle jacket front
Painted rock jacket
Harley motor cycle jacket back
Jacket - $175
lizard shaped rock
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Gecko - $140

painted rock Trout - $190
swiss army knife painted rock
Swiss Army Knife - $90
swiss army knife painted rock
cow rock painted
Painted rock cow - $90
Canon painted rock camera front
Canon Camera - $170
mans head rock
Hand painted rock, Rocky - $90
old sneaker rock painting
Painted rock
old sneaker rock painting
Old Sneaker
skull painted rock
Painted Skull rock - $60
rooster head painted sculpture
Rooster - $80
Ferret painted sculpture
Ferret - $90
painted rock slide projector
Silde Projector - $150
old sock painted rock sculpture
Seals - $180
 butterfly painted rocks
Painted rock butterfly - $70
old ship painting
Old Ship - $140
old ship
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kodak camera rock painted  

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